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IN I am here today October 1st 2018 with Paul Straw.  Who has come out of nowhere to help so many people.

PS “Wait a minute. It has not been overnight. You might have just found out what has been going on just recently. This has been a work that I has been on my heart and mind since… oh late 1997 early 1998.”

IN So you’re not an overnight success?

PS No.

IN So this has been in the making for quite some time.  So tell me about that time in your life.

PS “It was one of those turning points many talk about. Mine came about at a low point in my life. Drinking and lifestyle brought me to my knees.  I didn’t like where I had ended up and I didn’t understand how I had come to this low point in my life. I just knew I didn’t want to be there anymore.

I truly wanted change in my life.  I started going to AA meetings. I used the group as my conscious at the time. I found that only took me to a certain level. O knew there had to be more. So I kept searching. That is when I met my wonderful wife… I wanted what she had… which I didn’t know at the time… was Jesus. When I understood that I was baptized Feb 14th 1998. I told everyone I was given a new heart on that day. I also asked Sharron to marry me the day I decided to be baptized. She said yes! This year we celebrated 20 years of bliss…”

After I came to the Lord. I was transformed. Sharron always said I was microwaved. I changed and I wanted all I could be in Christ. If it said I had something in Christ I acted upon that. I kept making choices that put me in front of many people.”

I always felt I was on this journey to be something. No actually be someone. But there was always this lingering feeling that was holding me back.”

Interesting tell me more.

“I found out about five years ago during my 26 week Master Key course experience with Mark J, when I finally was able to bring all that I was learning together. That feeling of being held back was my old blue print.”

What does that mean… old blue print?

Well the old blue print was what kept me where I was at. Back when I was having my struggles. I didn’t understand that I could be the gatekeeper of what I believed. I let so many outside influences tell me who I was and what I could become.

In the Master Keys course when I finally understood that I created this new blue print which why you are interviewing me today. I started deciding what I wanted to do and who I wanted to become. I … how should I say this… I went back to the future… I went way way back to when I was a child. You know the time… when you believed you could be anything…

“Yah I remember that time too… You mean that I could be helped also by what you are doing here with 4 Corners Ministry?”

Yes I believe so…

So tell me what 4 corners ministry is and where you got the idea from.

Well as I was reading the Bible. I came to this intriguing story in Mark chapter 2. It was where Jesus was in a house talking to many people. People flocked to this house.. So many that there was no more room for anyone to gain entry.

Anyway four friends decided that the one place and the one person that could help their friend who needed healing was Jesus. So they picked up the four corners of his mat.

Oh so that is where the name came from, go on tell me more.

Well you know the story. When they got their friend there. They couldn’t get in the door.

Here’s the picture I get… Most of his friends became discouraged. Because they really wanted their friend to be healed by Jesus… then one of them said,”I got an idea… let’s take him up to the roof.”

Well what do we have to lose. So, up they took him… “Now what?” I didn’t think this all the way through…. Ugh then discouragement came again…

But one of them said… “let’s break a hole in the roof!”

“Well we’re already up here why not”

Ugh now what do we do? “Whoa that’s a long way down what now?”

Ah Man… The last one pipes up and says,”hey lets just toss him down there Jesus is going to heal him anyway…” Noo no that’s not right…

So they lower him down and Jesus gives the man what he and all in attendance needed. His sins forgiven. But so that they would know that Jesus had the power to forgive sins He told him “Take up your mat and go”

I see our 4 Corners Ministry as the most important thing for anyone is to get them to Jesus’ feet.

At 4CM we have created an environment where people that have come out of jail or prison. Many have been given this as a rehab option for early release. They know when they come that it is a Christ Centered environment. They agree to the requirements.

Sorry Paul but my time is up I will have to come and finish this interview at another time. It will be soon.


12 responses to “Press Release

  1. Beautiful story Paul about meeting and marrying your wife. I see incredible passion in your beliefs that will serve you well.

  2. It seems like you have a great cause. With 4CM you can prevent these people from recidivating.

  3. Rhonda Woodman

    Love your Press Release and can clearly see your vision for 4CM. Which by the way I love the name! We worked with Teen Challenge for many years as a visiting resource and many other ways… I understand your vision. We have encountered the Living Christ as well and He is much different than the Universal Mind that Haanel refers to … but nevertheless I am learning much good from his book as to the power of our words and thoughts which we do know from scripture. Blessings to you and Sharron.

    • Thank you Rhonda. I receive your blessings with a thank you! 4CM has been on my heart for years. Now the puzzle pieces are coming together. Join me if you like. I would love to Mater mind with you.

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  5. Inspiring press release, Paul. Bless your heart.

  6. masterkeysb

    Impressive, Paul. Leaving a legacy you are!

  7. I can’t wait to see what else comes from 4 Corners Ministry. What a blessing you are giving to others just by giving of yourself. Thank you so much, Paul!

  8. What a wonderful interview. 4CM sounds like a true passion of yours, well done.

  9. I love the description you did Paul and the engagment with your wife and 4CM.
    You are on your way and “back to the future”!

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