Week One – I’m a Slave?

Wow! Here I am again! Week one of the Master Keys.

I really am excited to get started again.

I started preparing for 26 weeks of self unfolding. Some would call it self discovery and they would also be correct.

I am crossing the same river… yet it isn’t the same river.. If you’ve ever crossed a river it is constantly changing. Even though it looks the same on the surface there is so much under the surface of the water that is different.

I am reading Chapter 8 of “Worlds Greatest Salesman” “Scroll 1” Which points out that pretty much any adult(ok all adults) is a slave to habit.

Now habits are not all bad. They clear up your brain to do other things. They work in the background…. automatically.

Which if I stop and think about it…. can be very scary.

What do you mean automatically?

Let’s put it this way.. Do you ever wonder why sometimes when you are watching tv and a commercial starts then they quickly switch to a different commercial. What just happened? Well could it be that the advertisers know that they have shown the full version of the commercial that just by putting that quick little clip out there you get the whole commercial….


So many times I find myself doing something…. wait… why am I going this…. ugh…

I started doing something that my mind/body recognized as you do this when you see this or feel this…

But how can I change and do a new habit? Well…

Here is the good news and the bad news…

No matter what you do…

You and I are slaves to HABIT!

Come on this journey and you will find out how to begin and hold onto a habit that you/I choose to do and keep.

Let me know if your okay being a slave to habits. The first step to solving any challenge is to realize what habit you’d like to stop and which one you’d like to start.

Then let’s choose to take step to adopt a new habit. Stick with it. It will be worth the effort.

Come on along. Its your choice. Are you ready to start a new habit? I am.

Yes. I am a Slave. I am choosing a new master tho. Come along and find out who that is.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

See you soon.




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3 responses to “Week One – I’m a Slave?

  1. Paul I’m ready to start new habit too. Congratulation for your post!

  2. We make our habits, and good or bad, they make us.

    Good luck in changing your habits for the better.

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