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Week #3 Just Relax

Most people as life is getting hectic say,”Just Relax.”

This week has been hectic. Yet Just relax is part of the daily practice in the sit.

How tense am I?

The practice of relaxing is an education in body awareness.

Most of the time as I was going through each day. I thought,”hmm not much going on stress wise today.”

Yet when I went to do my sit… It was challenging to get each body part to relax.

Sometimes I needed to just exhale to bring myself to start relaxing. Other times I manually went in the other direction. Yes, sometimes to relax muscles you have to tense them to release them.

And sometimes you need to tense them for as long as you can before letting go. Just to let the muscle know you are serious about relaxing.

Relaxing is good practice.

It only takes a short while to get the body to relax. It is worth the time to get into a relaxed state.

The reason I say this is because sometimes the thought I got is “I’m only going to get all stressed out again so why bother.”

Well I found this week that it lasts for some time. It takes time for the stress to build back up. And guess what then I can just relax again.

It was one thing to sit for 15 minutes. Its a whole different thing to sit and relax for 15 minutes.

I love that it is a progression. I have control. I am in control.

This is what I learned this week. I am in control. I am able to relax. I choose to control parts of my life. Including my muscles and  My attitude.

Make the choice too. It’s time to relax purposefully. It’s worth it. Your worth it.

So go find yourself a place to sit. Close your eyes. Take a few nice breathes. Scan your body and start relaxing each and every part. Go ahead you can do it.

Let me know how it makes you feel.

Blessings til next week.


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Week #2 Hey Who’s in Charge Around Here?

It’s amazing how fast a week goes by.

This week has new challenges that we get to address.

There is always someone that wants to be in charge. That is why I picked the title, “Hey Who’s in Charge Around Here?”

When life happens, when thoughts come, when situations happen. I have finally begun to ask, “Hey Who’s in Charge Around Here?”

Week #2 in Haanel gives an assignment. Week 2 of the sit. The “sit” is setting aside 15-30 minutes a day to sit in silence. In Week #1 we just got to practice doing the time. Yes, just sitting still eyes closed not moving for any reason. Ooops you moved start from the beginning.

But in Week#2 we changed it up just a little bit. Yes, the sit is still 15-30 minutes. Yes, still no movement. This time we add… drumroll please…

This time practice inhibiting all thoughts… Wow… Who get’s to choose what thoughts are going to be in my mind? Yes, me… Kinda. At least at first…

As I was sitting… I never really noticed… but all of the sudden here comes this thought… Now what do I do about it… Oh yah don’t think about it, don’t let it stay gosh what do I do to not think about this thought?

It is an interesting process. Before I started doing this “sitting” I just thought that thought just “IS”. But if I’m in control of this process of thinking… Choosing what I will think about then any and all things that come into my train of thought is MY RESPONSIBILITY. And if I have not been doing this for years….

Who’s in Charge?

Those people out there?

Those people who know better?

Those people who make commercials and tell me my life will be so much better if I just get this new thingy?

My mom?

My dad?

My wife?

My friends?

For so many years I kept hearing them talking in my head about who I should be.

If you haven’t figured it out yet this exercise is to help me/you to start taking over each and every thought that comes into the mind. So the answer is…

I’m in control.

No matter how hard I try to blame someone else about what I think about… It’s up to me whether or not I want to think about what I want to think about.

What my mom, dad, wife, friends, society think or tell me to do or how to be okay. It is still my choice.

Start today to take control of you! For me, I have decided this is my day to be all who I choose to be. It might not always be easy. But it sure is worth the effort.

This week sit and choose what to think or as in the assignment not think about. Its not to empty your brain. But to choose what to think about.

Everyone will challenge you to think like and about what they think about. They are not you! Be you! And let them be them. It’s hard enough just to be me.

Enjoy the sit. Start choosing, take charge and be in control.


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