Week 20: Time to Turn the Tables on Fear

Wow here we are getting closer and closer to the time when the real adventure will come…

Yes the time is short and I will be leaving the nest. The MKMMA is a brief time of birthing, hatching, growing and yes… soon flying out of the nest to be the person that I was born to be.

This whole time the MKMMA team has done their best to nurture, encourage, teach and yet not influence the results that each of the participants will get. Well I have been doing the assignments as given to the best of my ability. Yes doing my best not doing the best I can.  Its a subtle difference but a profound difference.

This week in the webinar I wound out that in just over 20 weeks I have been able to become the person I knew that I always wanted to be. Not sure always with the methods that the course incorporating to get to those results, but I trusted the MKMMA team. So I did what they asked and they delivered more than what they said they would! Indirectly they were able to help bring  out in me the greatness that so desperately wanted to come out.

From the beginning the our syllabus has this verbiage.

“2. Every word, exercise and sequence is there for a reason. We’re always linking and connecting.”

I read that each week and kinda understood what it said, until this week… OMG. Bam… All the way back in week one the MKMMA facilitators have weaved a whole lot of amazing thoughts and ideas that link what we/I did with who I was and who I was becoming.

I knew something was going on for some time… then they revealed that I am becoming who I want to be!

They wanted to help create a way for people to become group of people who independently and collectively come together as independent thinkers encouraging each other to step into an amazing life we all knew was somewhere but didn’t know how or if it could be possible.

Once you find out that you thought you had your friend guiding you as your riding without training wheels… you turn around and its you doing it not them holding you up.  They showed each of us that we are able to live amazing lives and share that with others.

When I realized six more weeks is coming to a close fast… then what…

I am excited to know I can fly.

When pushed out by the moma bird.. it looks like a terrible thing happening.. feathers ruffling and wings flapping.  The baby falling and falling… more wing flapping and soon flight.. a few less flaps of the wings… then soaring!

Fear is the next area to address…

I realize fear is always telling me something…

I am learning that a perceived fear holds many people from getting where they want to go and be in life…

The assignment this was given…

This is what I am trying to see if I can turn a wall(fear) into a tool. Like I said many see fear as a wall preventing them from getting to their goals or life that they want to live.

If the fear I am feeling is just a perceived threat…. Hmmm. Just like the feeling I get while riding on a roller coaster. I perceive that I am in danger yet I am not…

I love roller coasters so I know they are using that feeling so that more people will come and ride their thrilling roller coaster time and again.

Just the sound of going up the first hill… click click click then it slows and silence. I feel my stomach drop out and here we go!!!

I am still working how to make the transition to other areas in my life. So stay tuned. Your Roller Coaster is leaving and heading up the hill. What a wonderful life you live… Why not use the perceived feelings of fear as a life changing moment… I am. I am stepping into those areas. Thanks for coming for the ride, I hope you’re enjoying the journey as much as I am.



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5 responses to “Week 20: Time to Turn the Tables on Fear

  1. What an amaizing post, summary and encouragment for the future, thank you.

  2. The best part of the roller coaster, going down the after the initial climb, will soon to be here and you are ready to enjoy the ride.

  3. Paul, what I great post! I am feeling the 6 week trepidation – but I know that I too can fly! Thanks for the insights on addressing fear, this will be huge to turn into a tool rather than a roadblock.

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