Week 18: Press Forward

The last two weeks I’ve realized just how much all that I’ve experienced and been challenged has been because of me.

Mark J. and the Fabulous Davien have been doing an excellent job of guiding and being an influence with out getting in the way.

The Master Keys and the MKMMA course has set the ground work for over 200 people to reclaim their lives… The lives they want to live and enjoy. Not the lives Mark and Davien want us to have.

Which has been no small task. I am impressed with all the tasks and assignments that they have asked all of us to do.  Some of the participants said it is too much to do and have been asked to join the next one. What I’ve found during this time is I am worth the time and the journey is definitely worth taking.

This week the question I got to keep asking myself… I would ask you to make a habit to ask yourself also… “What would the person I am becoming do next?”

From what we’ve been learning, the answers are within. With doing the sits and all the other nice little tasks (3 gratitudes, 1 good interaction from yesterday, seeing kindness, and doing at least 2 secret acts of kindness each day) Life has become a place of happiness for me.

Many people, myself included not long ago (but no more), looked to find happiness outside themselves.

Saying If this happens then I’ll be happy or if that doesn’t happen then I’ll be happy.

I just found out… Happiness is a cause not an effect.

Which means it doesn’t come to me because of circumstances. It is within me and when I choose to be happy then the effect draws other happiness to my vicinity.

I had a conversation this week with a few cancer survivors about sharing kindness. They thanked me for giving them the assignment to go out and  do random acts of kindness. They loved it and all the great things that came their way by doing those random acts of kindness.

I thanked them for showing me how to live when you find out your dying. I am blessed to attend a cancer support group twice a month. We have a lady that has lung cancer and she wasn’t given long to live… So she made a bucket list for last year up to Christmas… For she was told you might make it to Christmas. Well here we are into the new year and she started a new bucket list.

It is new and she has a few things she really want to do. The first one is to enjoy her 97th birthday, which is coming up in a few weeks.

I have been blessed to what her live each day as if it could be her last. She knows what is important and what isn’t. She is living life on her terms. Each day is not to be wasted on things that don’t matter much. She spends most of her time with her daughter and her friends. Smiling and being kind to those around her. Letting them be kind to her taking her to her appointments and laughing with all the great people she meets.

Please take the time now to realize one day you will die. I am not saying this to bring you down, but to wake you up. Live today as if it could be your last as if you know you are dying. Be kind, share your life with those you care about. Make this day… if it was your last… be the best day you have ever lived…

If it isn’t your last day… Go and press forward and make that day the best you’ve ever lived. I do have a goal each day…. Yes, you’ve probably guessed it… Make each day the best day I have ever lived.

You have the ability to make a grand difference in the world around you. Just by deciding to make today matter to those around you… and to yourself.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. You are amazing and the world is waiting for you to excel. So Press Forward and just Be amazing.



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5 responses to “Week 18: Press Forward

  1. Great blog! That we die is inevitable. How we live is a choice …

  2. Have always enjoyed your blogs Paul. Your determination and growth is incredible to see real time. Keep it up.

  3. Your light is really shining through to others. Keep it up and continue the journey.

  4. Great take-away for me: “What would the person I am becoming do next?” I just found out… Happiness is a cause not an effect. Please take the time now to realize one day you will die. I am not saying this to bring you down, but to wake you up. Live today as if it could be your last as if you know you are dying. Thank you!

  5. I give thanks for sharing this, Paul. Cancer survivors and the Master Key experience fit well, huh? Fantastic job on masterminding with them for random acts of kindness. Most excellent. I believe you have made the world a little bit of happier place, yes?

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