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Week 21: Blending Truth and Persistence

Wow, how fast a week goes by!

Many things are coming together week by week. I like how each week has challenges and breakthroughs.

The MKMMA as I see it has all the same ingredients as life.

I have been focusing on persistence this week. It was part of another week, but this week was my week to see it and be it all over again.

I have had a better week this time seeing it and thus being it. I will continue to revisit all the characteristics again and again. The reason why is those things I focus on and see around me are much more within me… on an ever increasing basis.

Life has a lot of persistence aspects in it. Not only people but many things persist. Such as the seasons they come and go and a year later they are back. Days turn into night and back into day.

Truth is persistent also. Truth is very scientific. Truth can be very harsh and also very kind. Truth is impartial. I point this out because I see it all around me and I did read it this week in the Master Keys week 21 sentence 27. I am getting ahead of myself here is an excerpt from the intro this week.

Consequently, if prayer has ever been answered, it will always be answered, if the proper conditions are complied with. This must necessarily be true; otherwise the universe would be a chaos instead of a cosmos. The answer to prayer is therefore subject to law, and this law is definite, exact and scientific, just as are the laws governing gravitation and electricity. An understanding of this law takes the foundation of Christianity out of the realm of superstition and credulity and places it upon the firm rock of scientific understanding.

I know many times I have wondered why prayers were answered in certain ways or if it doesn’t really matter. I know that God is a God of order.  So maybe it does matter and has mattered all along… hhmmm.

Then it goes on to say:

But, unfortunately, there are comparatively few persons who know how to pray.
They understand that there are laws governing electricity, mathematics, and chemistry, but, for some inexplicable reason, it never seems to occur to them that there are also spiritual laws, and that these laws are also definite, scientific, exact, and operate with immutable precision.

Wow… I am challenged by those words and yet I fully understand what they mean.

For I have always read.

Mark 11:22–24 (ESV)

22 And Jesus answered them, “Have faith in God. 23 Truly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and thrown into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will come to pass, it will be done for him. 24 Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

I have recently asked and believed for rain here where I live in Northern California. I know we are receiving rain currently. I believe it is answer to my prayer.  It will continue to rain in a way that those who doubt will believe. That was and is my prayer. So that God gets the Glory from those who do not believe. That mountain is moving.

On to sentence 27.

27. The Divine Mind is the Universal Mind; it makes no exceptions, it plays no favorites; it does not act through sheer caprice or from anger, jealousy or wrath; neither can it be flattered, cajoled or moved by sympathy or petition to supply man with some need which he thinks necessary for his happiness or even his existence. The Divine Mind makes no exceptions to favor any individual; but when the individual understands and realizes his Unity with the Universal principle he will appear to be favored because he will have found the source of all health, all wealth, and all power.

I have truly focused on Truth this week in my daily sit. The other assignments about using fear,anger, unworthiness, guilt and hurt feelings as tools to bring about the truth about who I am and who I am becoming is unfolding right now. I have my thoughts about how to bring that about.

In one sit I could see a fuzzy wall I was approaching. And instead of slowing down and moving away from it and all those feelings. I ran right toward it and stepped right through what ever it was to the other side. I’ll let you think about and comment what you get from that visualization I had.

Please share your thoughts with me. I love that there is a time for everything. Mark J. this week said something that I know to be true.  “If the MKMMA would have told us 20 weeks ago that those feelings(fear, anger, unworthiness, guilt and hurt feelings) could be used as tools. You would have packed your bags and never came on this journey.” But now it is a challenge to see if I can figure it out… I am close so are you.



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Week 20: Time to Turn the Tables on Fear

Wow here we are getting closer and closer to the time when the real adventure will come…

Yes the time is short and I will be leaving the nest. The MKMMA is a brief time of birthing, hatching, growing and yes… soon flying out of the nest to be the person that I was born to be.

This whole time the MKMMA team has done their best to nurture, encourage, teach and yet not influence the results that each of the participants will get. Well I have been doing the assignments as given to the best of my ability. Yes doing my best not doing the best I can.  Its a subtle difference but a profound difference.

This week in the webinar I wound out that in just over 20 weeks I have been able to become the person I knew that I always wanted to be. Not sure always with the methods that the course incorporating to get to those results, but I trusted the MKMMA team. So I did what they asked and they delivered more than what they said they would! Indirectly they were able to help bring  out in me the greatness that so desperately wanted to come out.

From the beginning the our syllabus has this verbiage.

“2. Every word, exercise and sequence is there for a reason. We’re always linking and connecting.”

I read that each week and kinda understood what it said, until this week… OMG. Bam… All the way back in week one the MKMMA facilitators have weaved a whole lot of amazing thoughts and ideas that link what we/I did with who I was and who I was becoming.

I knew something was going on for some time… then they revealed that I am becoming who I want to be!

They wanted to help create a way for people to become group of people who independently and collectively come together as independent thinkers encouraging each other to step into an amazing life we all knew was somewhere but didn’t know how or if it could be possible.

Once you find out that you thought you had your friend guiding you as your riding without training wheels… you turn around and its you doing it not them holding you up.  They showed each of us that we are able to live amazing lives and share that with others.

When I realized six more weeks is coming to a close fast… then what…

I am excited to know I can fly.

When pushed out by the moma bird.. it looks like a terrible thing happening.. feathers ruffling and wings flapping.  The baby falling and falling… more wing flapping and soon flight.. a few less flaps of the wings… then soaring!

Fear is the next area to address…

I realize fear is always telling me something…

I am learning that a perceived fear holds many people from getting where they want to go and be in life…

The assignment this was given…

This is what I am trying to see if I can turn a wall(fear) into a tool. Like I said many see fear as a wall preventing them from getting to their goals or life that they want to live.

If the fear I am feeling is just a perceived threat…. Hmmm. Just like the feeling I get while riding on a roller coaster. I perceive that I am in danger yet I am not…

I love roller coasters so I know they are using that feeling so that more people will come and ride their thrilling roller coaster time and again.

Just the sound of going up the first hill… click click click then it slows and silence. I feel my stomach drop out and here we go!!!

I am still working how to make the transition to other areas in my life. So stay tuned. Your Roller Coaster is leaving and heading up the hill. What a wonderful life you live… Why not use the perceived feelings of fear as a life changing moment… I am. I am stepping into those areas. Thanks for coming for the ride, I hope you’re enjoying the journey as much as I am.


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Week 19: A Life of Power

This week was another of discovery.

There was no webcast this week. Just an opportunity to watch a movie and continue on reading, sitting, gratitudes, kindness, pressing forward as I wrote about last week.

As I was reading my week 19 master keys each day I was reminded…

Don’t give power to words that have no power…

What do I mean by giving power to words/thoughts that have no power.

Here is an example. Darkness is just absence of light. Bring light into the room how long does the darkness last… it doesn’t it is no longer dark.

“I am” is a movie that I watched this week and I saw how a bike crash changed the directors life and what really mattered to him. I was reminded of how connected we are as people and what makes us different from all other creatures.

The director asked many people what was wrong with the world and how do you change it. It all came back to giving power to powerful words. What was wrong was people gave power to weak words. Words that just point out the lack of the powerful word.

Here is the point that I am making about the movie “I am”.

I came down to a lack of love. Love is all you need. When we love and are loved the whole world changes.

That is why I am choosing to put power back into all that I do. When I do, when you do, we change the whole world. Love moves mountains that cannot be moved by force or manipulation.

Live each day as if it could be your last. Smile often. Hug those within reach. Change someone’s life… Your own, then you’ll change those around you and that becomes the world you live in. Enjoy.


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Week 18: Press Forward

The last two weeks I’ve realized just how much all that I’ve experienced and been challenged has been because of me.

Mark J. and the Fabulous Davien have been doing an excellent job of guiding and being an influence with out getting in the way.

The Master Keys and the MKMMA course has set the ground work for over 200 people to reclaim their lives… The lives they want to live and enjoy. Not the lives Mark and Davien want us to have.

Which has been no small task. I am impressed with all the tasks and assignments that they have asked all of us to do.  Some of the participants said it is too much to do and have been asked to join the next one. What I’ve found during this time is I am worth the time and the journey is definitely worth taking.

This week the question I got to keep asking myself… I would ask you to make a habit to ask yourself also… “What would the person I am becoming do next?”

From what we’ve been learning, the answers are within. With doing the sits and all the other nice little tasks (3 gratitudes, 1 good interaction from yesterday, seeing kindness, and doing at least 2 secret acts of kindness each day) Life has become a place of happiness for me.

Many people, myself included not long ago (but no more), looked to find happiness outside themselves.

Saying If this happens then I’ll be happy or if that doesn’t happen then I’ll be happy.

I just found out… Happiness is a cause not an effect.

Which means it doesn’t come to me because of circumstances. It is within me and when I choose to be happy then the effect draws other happiness to my vicinity.

I had a conversation this week with a few cancer survivors about sharing kindness. They thanked me for giving them the assignment to go out and  do random acts of kindness. They loved it and all the great things that came their way by doing those random acts of kindness.

I thanked them for showing me how to live when you find out your dying. I am blessed to attend a cancer support group twice a month. We have a lady that has lung cancer and she wasn’t given long to live… So she made a bucket list for last year up to Christmas… For she was told you might make it to Christmas. Well here we are into the new year and she started a new bucket list.

It is new and she has a few things she really want to do. The first one is to enjoy her 97th birthday, which is coming up in a few weeks.

I have been blessed to what her live each day as if it could be her last. She knows what is important and what isn’t. She is living life on her terms. Each day is not to be wasted on things that don’t matter much. She spends most of her time with her daughter and her friends. Smiling and being kind to those around her. Letting them be kind to her taking her to her appointments and laughing with all the great people she meets.

Please take the time now to realize one day you will die. I am not saying this to bring you down, but to wake you up. Live today as if it could be your last as if you know you are dying. Be kind, share your life with those you care about. Make this day… if it was your last… be the best day you have ever lived…

If it isn’t your last day… Go and press forward and make that day the best you’ve ever lived. I do have a goal each day…. Yes, you’ve probably guessed it… Make each day the best day I have ever lived.

You have the ability to make a grand difference in the world around you. Just by deciding to make today matter to those around you… and to yourself.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. You are amazing and the world is waiting for you to excel. So Press Forward and just Be amazing.


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