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Week 17A: Worth The Journey

This week I got the chance to pause and look back.

Many times when on a journey it is just nice to look back and see how far I’ve come.

With that look back I got to see even in Week One these sentences and now they Pop off the page and have such great meaning. Yet when I first read them they had the same meaning.

I’ve had 17 weeks to practice these sentences. Bit by bit and exercise by exercise. Moment by moment.  Please read them a new like I did.

2. Mind is creative, and conditions, environment and all experiences in life are the result of our habitual or predominant mental attitude.
3. The attitude of mind necessarily depends upon what we think. Therefore, the secret of all power, all achievement and all possession depends upon our method of thinking.
4. This is true because we must “be” before we can “do,” and we can “do” only to the extent which we “are,” and what we “are” depends upon what we “think.”
5. We cannot express powers that we do not possess. The only way by which we may secure possession of power is to become conscious of power, and we can never become conscious of power until we learn that all power is from within.
6. There is a world within – a world of thought and feeling and power; of light and life and beauty and, although invisible, its forces are mighty.
7. The world within is governed by mind. When we discover this world we shall find the solution for every problem, the cause for every effect; and since the world within is subject to our control, all laws of power and possession are also within our control.
8. The world without is a reflection of the world within. What appears without is what has been found within. In the world within may be found infinite Wisdom, infinite Power, infinite Supply of all that is necessary, waiting for unfoldment, development and expression. If we recognize these potentialities in the world within they will take form in the world without.

This has been a great week of review.

I have a little more of that smack to the forehead a ha moments. Those eight statements were true before I got through week 17. Heck they were true before I even started. Yet now they are true and alive in my life propelling me forward on my journey.

One other thing that challenged me this week was….

I got to decide that I was worth finishing the journey because I’m worth it! During one of my sits this week I reminded myself that this is for me and the effort I put in is worth it. No time to stop now.

Please decide now that you are worth the effort to become the best you!

When you do many thing in your life will become much simpler.

Today for example. I had my workout. It is a timed workout. Simple only two exercises. Double Kettlebell Press and the other Double kettlebell Squats. Only two repetitions each alternating between the two for 25 min.

This is my easy day… That doesn’t mean that its easy. I used two 28kg kettlebells. I decided that I would for the first half of the workout. I would do both at the same time without setting down the kettlebells.

I made it to half way and I was able to accomplish that. I did 11 sets in the first half. The week before I only completed 8 sets.

So now on to the second half. I decided to just do the presses then set down the bells rest then do the squats.

I did the first set that way. Then I decided to alternate back to what I did in the first half(both without setting them down). I did the next set that way.

I decided to stay with what I started with and complete the rest of the time doing presses right into squats. It was getting more difficult… but doable.

One thing that I want to say is I have a quote on my picture board that says,”Power to begin!”

The reason I told you this all is…

Knowing how hard my easy workout is and that it is 25 minutes long. Each time I do it I am trying to do more repetitions. I can be a daunting task. Yet the easiest and hardest thing is to start.

Pick those bells up and do the reps. I found out I can do just two reps now.

When I thought I have the power to begin these two reps. That is all that I focused on. And guess what…. The time went by and I did more than I thought I could. by just staying in the moment doing the next two reps.

Like I said looking back to see how far I’ve come is motivation to keep going with a little more vip and vigor. Because we’ve come a long way baby.

In one week I was able to go from 32 reps of each exercise to 44 reps of each exercise in the same amount of time… Wow is all I can say.

Yet this journey has been 17+ weeks and I look back and say… Wow lives are being changed… Most importantly I have become the person that I’ve always known I could be but didn’t know how to do it… more like didn’t know how to be the person I wanted to be.

Enjoy the journey. You’re worth putting in the effort.



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Week 17: Get What You Give.

This week started out with the webinar.

As it always does.

Towards the end it was mentioned, “Have you given yourself permission?”

I think there was more to the statement than that. But I got stuck right there.

“Have you given yourself permission?”


It stopped me right in my tracks. I want to be successful. Hey everyone else out there is…. you fill in the blank.

I had never thought that was a question or more likely a statement I should say to myself.

As this journey has unfolded I have discovered so many things that have challenged my paradigm about how to go about being the person that I want and know I can be.

Once I heard that question I knew that I hadn’t given myself permission to be successful.

So, I did.

Now with the assignment from last week that I had to notice kindness outside of myself knowing that it was already in me and I was just bringing it to the surface.

Now during that assignment the other aspect was to let people know that what they did was kind. Which was learning to give it away to get it. So give it to get it. Yup had to do it again with permission.

So this week. I was out there giving people permission to do the things they wanted to do. Well, I didn’t really have the ability to give them permission… because they already had it. But I did it to get it.

So my other attribute that I was working on this week was decisiveness.  I was giving people permission to make decisions. Yes, you have permission also to make decisions. I give you permission to do that. lol

I also this week gave permission to those around me to be successful. I told them they could. Yes, I give you the same permission.

So what do you need permission to do or be? I’m with you. You got it, go do it!

Hey I hope you get it. Give it away. Let lots of people get what you want. This world is full of abundance. You don’t loose it by giving it away… You get it.

Thanks for sharing in this journey.



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Week 16: What Kind of Person are You?

This week is a short post…

This week has been a challenge to me physically. I got the flu… Ugh…

Well. Thanks for your prayers and well wishing … Because I am on the other side of the sickness.

I was still working on my assignments… In between sleeping and more sleeping.

At the start of the week I one of the great things I got to do is…

Be an observer of Kindness.

Maybe that is why I got sick… not because kindness makes me sick, but because it gave me an opportunity to let people near me show kindness.

Well that part was very successful. There are too many observances of my loved ones being kind.

Then when I got well. I got to do the next and better part of my assignment.  Yes I still looked here and there for more occurrences of kindness. I got to go and be the kindness I was observing.

My assignment was to do at least two unknown acts of kindness. I had lots of fun being kind and making it unknown sure felt good. It wasn’t done to get a pat on the back. No…

I just feels great to do something kind without expecting anything in return hoping not to get caught. I don’t mind being caught being kind.. Yes I like that too. It is great to be known as a kind person.

As a matter of fact a friend told that too me. “I see how kind you are.” Wow.. you mean it shows! I let her know … Guess what  because you saw it in me means you have it in you too.” They thanked me and we continued the great conversation about being kind.

So go out and be the kind of person that you would like to be.

If you see it outside of you know that it is in you.

I know you see the word kind though out this post. Well that is the kind of person I see you as… Go be it on an ever increasing basis and see what kind of life you live.

Be the blessing you want to see in your life.



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Week 15: Three Things to Always Do for a Wonderful Life

I have just a moment to let you know about what I have just found out that will make your life change forever.

Well… only if you do them. Don’t add to them and always make sure you do them all not just some of them… You have to do all three.

Ok are you ready for what three things will create a wonderful life?

Good you’ve continued reading so here I go.

First…. drumroll please…..


First thing to do that will create a wonderful life is.

1. Only think the thoughts about you that you desire to have in your life… thoughts about yourself and your surroundings.

If you don’t do this you will bring about those thoughts too. So if you want a wonderful life. Think of having those wonderful things and nothing else.

If you don’t believe me. Do me a favor. Look around you… is everything around you wonderful? If not why not.

Second…. drumroll please….


Second thing to do will create a wonderful life is.

2. See the characteristics/wonderful you want in the environment around you.

What you notice around you is actually characteristics that are within you already. It is almost like buying a green two door car. Once you buy it you notice that there are lots of green two door cars on the road. Hmmm before you bought the car do you believe that there were no green cars on the road. Or did you just now notice all those green two door cars because now you have one and it is now relevant to you?

So look in the environment for those things you would like more of in your life.  Such as Kindness, courage, well-organized, persistence…etc.

You could see those things that you don’t want also… anger, hatred, ugliness… I wouldn’t suggest it.

So go find those things around you that are awesome. Because why would you want anything else than the best in your life.

Yes I know what you are thinking. But what if those bad things are in my life? What then? Still chose to find those things that you want in your life. They are there just a little bit harder to find.

So what is the third thing that will create a wonderful life.

Drumroll please…


3. Remember God has put you here for something great only you can do.

God only made one of you and placed you here to become a great mountain. Not a small grain of sand. You have the opportunity to shine like the rare jewel that you are. Don’t shrink back, rise up.

Know you aren’t a mistake. You are here to do what only you can do. Believe that by being the best you benefits both you and the world, for the world needs your contribution.

Remember, you have to do all three. Don’t leave any out. Yes I guess you could add more to the list. But, do the three first each and every moment. For it is an all the time three not a sometime three to do that gets the best results.

For your good, I will let you know what is at work here.

Its the law of growth.

What you focus on expands and what you leave out diminishes.

So focus on the good you want. And only the good. That other stuff un-named will still be there… or will it just disappear?

Let me know how your journey is going. I’d love to share in your good life for I’m sharing my good life with you. My life has changed dramatically because I consider myself a Pauly Anna. I see good everywhere. And in everyone.



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Week 14: RU DY! RU DY! RU DY!…

This week I got the chance to watch a inspiring movie as an enjoyable assignment.

Daniel Ruettiger (nicknamed “Rudy”) grew up third child of 14.  He grew up at a time when the people teaching him in school didn’t understand how to teach him and what he was dealing with.


Rudy had a dream and in time because of his determination. Not listening to those who told him that he was too small and too slow. His family was too big to afford paying for college much less Notre Dame.

Yet Rudy could see himself one day playing for the fighting Irish.

He did it eventually by getting on the practice squad. Showing up every day for practice. Doing what was asked of him. Taking the beating because of his size.

Rudy even had times he where he needed someone to inspire him to stay the course.

Well he did stay the course and got the chance to suit up for his very last game his senior year. Here is what he said about his opportunity.

Not much time was remaining in the game the Fighting Irish had the game at hand. So he got the chance to play. Yes 28 seconds of opportunity. Three whole plays for all his effort. Yet take a look at what he was able to do.

I myself was chanting “Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!”

Time for us to inspire those around us. Those in Rudy’s life were there for his time in the lime light cheering for him. Yet they had no real idea how he got there.

Day after day when people are telling you to stop, you’re not supposed to do that. Get back in line with how we see you as. Those people, if you follow your dream and do the work(your best) each and every day, will be there cheering you on wishing they had the GUTS to be like you.

Please be inspiring to the one that matters the most. Yourself. You are awesome and no one else is gifted to do anything just like you. Be the best you.

I’ll cheer you on.

On that day they just might be chanting your name.


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Week 14 Master Keys – My Name is Bill Porter…I’m With The Watkins Group

2020 Master Key


Drooling from one side of the mouth, in a high pitched stutter, Bill Porter would introduce himself that way to every man, woman or child that answered his knock on their door. Nothing flashy, nothing fancy. Just the facts. Yet always with a friendly smile and a sparkle in his eye.

Bill Porter was literally among the last of a dying breed. He was the last American door to door salesman for Watkins Incorporated. He died from a stomach infection December 3, 2013. He was 81.


Door to Door was a 2002 made for TV movie filmed in Vancouver BC. It featured William H. Macy (as Bill Porter) who also co-wrote the script, Helen Mirren (as his mother) and Kyra Sedgwick (as his young Driver and Housekeeper)


Bill Porter was born with cerebral palsy. As he grew up in Portland Oregon, he wasn’t allowed to dwell on his disability. After graduating from high school, his…

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