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Week 13: Time to Dig in!

I know that my life has changed!

Here I am starting the third month of my MKMMA journey.  I am trying to think back to the last time I have made it three months into some endeavor without wanting out or just quitting and not acknowledging that I even started something.

Yes, I am committed to not just completing what I started, but excelling and conquering taking my life to the next level. For during the time I’ve spent (13 weeks) I have come to know that it isn’t just something to complete.

This is my life!

I have not committed to my own life this much effort to just quit. Or to just do the assignments that are given to me to do.

I deserve the best that life can and will give me. Oh, by the way, so do you.

Yes I just found out… This MKMMA is not a course, or a thing that will help complete something that I should do in life. This is a way to reclaim that which was mine from the beginning and somewhere along the way I gave up on it or gave it away.

Yes, It is time to dig in… In a few days many people around the world people will be wanting change at the beginning of the new year.

I am digging in not because its a new year but because I have put in place a life changing system way before the first day of the year.

I no longer take what happens in my life as ho hum. This is my life and now I am living it the way it should be. With me stepping up and putting my best out there.

Please know you can step in and step up in your life also. I have watched the video of DJ Gregory 4 or 5 times. Just to here him say… “I’m going to fall. I just get back up.” Seeing him dig in and get up and go on because it’s his life and he’s living it.

That is what I and you and everyone should be doing. Realize what you want and be willing to fall and determine you will get up when you fall. And when people tell you Stop! Go back! Lay down! Relax!

Tell them to live their own lives with as much determination as you do. When they do, they won’t be telling you not to… they will be right next to you encouraging you to do your best because they know how much each of us needs encouragement more than someone telling them how to live safe, quiet and in line with all the others wanting out of their lives of quiet desperation.

I am looking for what I can do. Not what is the minimum to get by. I am expecting effort worthy of what my life deserves. Yes, MKMMA has requirements. I am not looking to just keep them happy. I am digging in for my sake and all those that will be blessed because I did not just do the minimum.

Take your life to the next level. Let me know what things are happening in your life. Now that its your life and you are in the driver’s seat.

I’ll do my best to encourage you. I am grateful you stopped by. Please share some of your journey… struggles and victories. They matter, and so do you.



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Week 12: Can Your Life Change in Less Than One Hour?

This week has had a profound affect on my life.

For 12 weeks of this MKMMA course I have followed the instructions put in the time and I have seen what all the excitement about the MKMMA is really about.

My life has been transforming right in front of my eyes. Sometimes the changes were very subtle and sometimes they were very obvious.

I am getting to the question asked in my title of this article. Can your life change in less than an hour? Or does it take 12 weeks? Is change instantaneous or does it take time?

Remember I said this was a profound week. Well, it actually started on Sunday during the webcast. Everything was going as normal.

Then almost without warning Mark J asked us to pull out our assignment from last week… Turn your Definite Major Purpose into one sentence!

Wow it was 400 words. Bring it down to one sentence it took me a while but I was able to do it.

So back to Mark J. he told me to get it out and go to my mirror and read it out loud to myself in the mirror for 50 minutes!

What did I just hear him right? I guess cuz he said it again.

Okay Mr. Miyagi. I mean Mark. Like I said last week. I found the activities I’ve been asked to do have really blessed me so here it goes.

The first few minutes I stumbled through the words. Then I thought woah maybe I’m asking too much. I just kept telling myself keep going… Then I thought what would someone say if they heard me saying this out loud. They might not like it…

Then the words just started coming out and different words became more powerful. I could feel the confidence growing in my voice and in my stance. I could see myself standing there with confidence. The words sounded like they were really mine.

So I do believe that change can come quickly. Like using the exercise I did in the webcast. And a bit slower through moment by moment habits that also transform your life.

I hope you take they time to do an exercise just like 50 minutes in front of your mirror. Or the moment by moment actions that it takes to get to where you want to be.

Our lives change both quickly and slowly. Realize both are needed and stay committed to your life that you know you can have if you stay the course. No matter what the people, who aren’t helping you get to your goal, have to say.

Thanks for joining me again this week. Stay the course and you will have what you are aiming for.


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Week 11: I Have What It Takes

Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes?

I have wondered that very thing for many years.

How do you know you have what it takes to get what you want in life?

These are all questions that have come across my mind at one point or another.

Is it all about what you think?

Is it just about what you do?

What is it that makes the difference in the lives of people who seem to have all that life has to give them?

Can anyone have all that they want or is there some secret to getting it? Do they have to go to the guy way up the mountain to ask him for the secret. Sadly not many people believe they can get to journey up the mountain to ask him. So they trudge through life day in day out not really living.

Here we are in week 11 of this 26+ week journey. Almost half way. Or are we?

I love that I have had a Mr. Miyagi moment well it was actually Daniel that got upset because he felt like he was just cheap labor and not learning karate. Here is the clip of him finding out what he really was learning.


I have been living, breathing, and eating MKMMA. What was I really doing for the last 11 weeks? Learning that I have what it takes to live and prosper.

I thought that it was something that other people could have if they were lucky. If they knew someone who would give them the breaks they needed.

Well I just found out that I have been tricked into this just like Daniel.

Is that a bad thing? I think not. I have been learning that the things I need to do to get the things I want in life are very easy and simple.

Just do these four things and your life will change too.

Here they are…. If you want to climb a mountain. Just come and visit me… lol

If you don’t have the time to come all the way up the mountain… Most don’t and that’s ok. Here are the points not to be missed or discounted.

1. A definite purpose in life, backed by a burning desire for it’s fulfillment.

2. A definite plan, expressed in continuous action.

3. A mind closed tightly to all negative and discouraging influences.

4. A friendly Mastermind Alliance who will encourage one to follow through with their plan and purpose.

Each little assignment. Each little commitment to follow through. Each time I wrote down a small task.

I was doing what it takes to be a Great Champion in life. The one that I’ve always wanted to be.

Thanks for joining me on my journey. I am far from complete. Yet I just found out…

I am a genius and the world needs my contribution. And so are you. The world needs us to be great! There is so much you and only you can do. Let me help you and please do your best to help me on this.

Life is wonderful. This is a wonderful time of the year. My wife and I just last night were in the midst of great people. It was a Christmas celebration of cancer survivors. They have inspired me to strive to great heights because they are living. Living a life and not dieing. And by living they inspire those in the midst of the battle. It can be conquered.

Life is worth fighting for. Your life is worth fighting for. Take each day and make it the best day of your life.

Tell those near you how awesome they are and they will be… Let yourself know how awesome you are and you will be… You have what it takes to be great! So do I!

Faith is… !

You can have what you believe you can have.


December 14, 2013 · 7:39 am

Week 10: Can You See It?

This week has been a challenge to be able to see that which you want.

The assignment during this week’s sit is to look at a place on the wall and see a black line 6 inches long then create a perfect box.

When you’re able to do that. Then  place a circle inside the square you just made. Make sure they are perfect.

Lastly, place a dot in the center of the circle and pull it towards you 10 inches making a black cone.

Once making a black cone becomes easy. Change the colors to white, to red, to yellow.

Can trying too hard help or hurt?

Yes is the answer that it helps and hurts.

One of the reasons that those of us that have taken on this challenge in the MKMMA is to help take our thoughts captive and be in charge of what enters our mind.

Have you ever had someone ask you a question? The answer seems to be right at the tip of your tongue. The harder you try to get the answer the more it eluded you. Then later on when it doesn’t mater whether you get the answer or not. Then step away relax and bamm you get the answer and no one is around.

That is what I mean about trying too hard. The sit for 15 min is to help in relaxing the mind. Contrary to exercise. The brain actually needs to be relaxed to excel. So trying hard to see a black line or more could cause stress and strain. Which can have the same effect as you experienced when asked that question.  The harder you try to draw the line the more the strain put on your eyes and mind. Nothing Ugh.

Yet. Most people have not taken the time to focus for more than several seconds on any one thing. Our mind has been trained to jump from one thought to the next all day long… never spending two seconds on any one thought for year after year.

So. Here you are spending 15 minutes focusing on getting something to happen.(drawing a black line on the wall with your mind)

Guess what. You are spending longer and longer time with your mind on one point of focus. Which is a new skill that has happened because the line didn’t happen right away.

So as you can see by not being able to see the cone right away you are learning a new skill of being able to see something and make it tangible out of something that was created by your thought.

If you weren’t able to create the cone… Just relax and know it is just one more attempt away. Trust that you will and are on the journey to see that which is to come.

Yes I have seen it(the cone) and it did take some time and effort. I’m glad I put the time in and now I have a skill that can be used on any new endeavor that I will embark on.

Let me know if you can see it. I would love to hear of your experience with seeing the cone or whatever you are envisioning for your future.


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