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Week 9: Wow I actually did this!?

This week has been such an amazing discovery for me.

This course has really found me questioning and answering where I’ve been and where I’m going.


At high and low points in my life I many times had this question. At times it seemed obvious and at other times it seemed a mystery. Now looking back at even the times I thought I knew the answer I wasn’t even close to being correct. And then those times when I didn’t think I could answer the question, I could and did.

Here’s the question.

How did I get here?

It’s a great question to ask. But only ask it if you really want to know. Otherwise it might only be used to blame people places and things.

Like I said when things weren’t going so well I knew that if I could figure out how it happened. Then I knew I would correct it.

And when it was going well and I asked the question I thought I knew that answer. Yet I left off lots of things in answering it.

When the Week 9 lesson webcast came on and I found out the secret to the answer to the question.

It was about me. And yes its about you.

Well it is no secret. I was just denying what I felt to be the truth to the answer. At times I wanted an answer and at times I didn’t.

The tough answer

I had created it. I chose it. At times I desired it so much that it happened.

Both the good and the bad.

This week has been interesting since rediscovering this fact.

The answer to the question has put me back in charge of my life. It gave me the power to realize I am in charge of my internal world. By taking personal responsibility for what is going on in my life. I can take charge and change my thinking and what I feel about situations.

That little change is really a huge change. Please don’t miss it. Grab a hold of that and run with it.

With that being said. Here is how my week went.

Three  people close to me talked to me about how hard life was today. Every person was challenging this fact in my life and theirs.

I heard statements like.

“Everything just seems to be going wrong today.”

“I am overwhelmed, its just too much.”

Then they talked to me later wanting me to know they were sorry for bringing chaos into my life.

I just turned to them and let them know, “somehow I have brought this into being.”

I’m not sure if they understood. But I did. It was a great eye opener.

I have moved through that place and am thankful for what I know now.

A few months ago I would have seen it differently.

My whole life is what I have made it. Guess what.

It sure looks a lot better today knowing that. For years I have been picking up bits and pieces of this and now the puzzle is coming together.

I am the observer. I look at what is happening in my life. I am looking to a better tomorrow because I am putting better thoughts through my head and acting on better beliefs about who I am and what I am about. And tomorrow it only gets better.

Today I know that I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.

I have all that I need to get where I want to go. I am drawing those to me that are doing the same and have been looking for their genuine selves.

This truly has been a life journey that started so many years ago that I can’t remember a time that I wasn’t looking to find my genuine self.

I have found him and he’s awesome. I hope you have discovered your genuine self.

Now what does that person want to do with that discovery?

Tell me. I am happy to encourage you to live the life that you’ve always wanted and din’t know how to get.

So yes I actually did this to myself. No one else did. I am heading to a high point where I can look back and see… Wow what a great journey.

When most people look back and say,”I can’t believe I made it this far.” I will say I can.

Smile someone loves you. When you figure that one out let me know. ­čÖé Have an awesome day!


I hope you had an amazing Thanks Giving. Let someone know you are thankful for them being in your life.



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Week 8: To Build a Battleship

H 54-06-07 Four Iowas

For me this week has a great theme.

I joined the Navy back in 1988. When I was in the process the Navy was filling positions to recommission the USS Wisconsin.

At the time I was heading in a different direction.

So when we were given a new assignment to think through this week during my 15 minute sit, I got excited! Because I knew something about battleships.

How is a Battleship Built?wisc-build

The assignment for the week was to unconstruct or deconstruct a battleship.

The battleship just didn’t appear. Someone or a group of someones(lol) had a reason/purpose to build the battleship.

So for the week I got the opportunity to use my imagination to see a completed battleship and see the process all the way back to blue print… actually even further back than that. All the way back to the debate of those that desired the building of the battleship.

That still isn’t the beginning of the battleship. It goes even further back to the mind of the person who was able to know that a ship that has a one foot thick solid steel hull would float.

As you can see it will and does. Well kinda. The USS Wisconsin is now decommissioned and is a floating museum in Norfolk, VA.



What I learned this week.

I have to start with the end in mind no matter what I am doing.

By starting at the finished product/goal and mentally figuring how I got the finished product. My mind has to go out and figure out how I got to that step of the process. Then so on and so forth. All the way back to right here and now.

What a great exercise.

I have big life changing goals that have nothing and everything to do with the MKMMA. I am learning a process that I can move from what I am doing/learning here in the MKMMA and apply those principles to anything that I want to.

Being able to apply the principles to anything I want to does exactly what my assignment this week asked me to do…

Use my mind/imagination and see how to get from the end to the beginning. Or go back to the future.

Each time I did the assignment the picture has become more and more clear. I have to say I thought of different parts of the battleship that I didn’t the time before which brought in different aspects of the ship.

So practical application going forward for you and me.

Take time each day to sit and see where your going and challenge your mind to work from there all the way back to where you are today. When done day after day the picture and aspects start to become more and more clear.

Then when you’re out and about you’ll see the future start to happen right in front of you. Then take action. The battleship didn’t get built by imagination alone. Each part had to be seen in the mind and then constructed with effort.

So go build the battleship you have always dreamed of. What I’m saying is see it but then go build it. Otherwise it will never float and you’ll be the only one that can see your battleship.

Your dream won’t change lives if you don’t put actions after the imagining part. But when you do the ┬ámost important life changed will be yours!

Go build your Battleship! Have a great week. Sit still, imagine… then get to it your life is waiting.


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Week 7: I’m on a Diet How About You?

This week has been both challenging and also taken me to a new level of understanding what it will take to have the life I’ve always wanted.

This week called for going on a diet. Yes, a diet. Not any old normal diet, but a diet that will actually make a world of difference in not only my present life but my future.

When you found out I’m on a diet I know the great pictures that came to your mind.

No fun.

Nothing but veggies, no extra butter popcorn. Low salt/ no salt.. on and on I could go.

I wish I could say that I went on a diet that focused on food this week.

But, I didn’t.

“No Negative Thoughts Diet”

This diet consisted of having no negative thoughts. These thoughts could be about others, myself, the government, the weather… you name it.

Hey, I’m a possessive guy this should be a cake walk.

No negative thoughts for one short measly week. 168 hours. seven days. Most of them I’d be sleeping. How hard could it be.

If I slept 8 hours a day. That would eliminate 56 hours. That brings me down to 112 remaining hours. That’s only 14 hours a day.

Day one and two. I was focused. I was on top of my thoughts… This is pretty easy…. or is it?

Then I’m not sure what really happened… Did I get busy and then loose focus or did I loose focus and then get busy.

Either way I know my focus was not where it needed to be.

My attitude slid into a place that felt very familiar. It almost felt like a comfortable old coat. It happened so quickly. I did it twice and a moment later…

I realized I had eaten the whole cake… My thoughts were negative. Not only did I think them… I said them…

Here is the interesting and hard part about what happened. Not that I was negative… but that the aftereffects are harder than the negativity that first came out.

I had to forgive myself…

I had to try and get back in there and be positive that I was just negative.

I had to be honest with myself. Otherwise I would have had plenty of negative thoughts for a time to come. Where would that have taken me… I don’t even want to go there.

I realize for some people they would have told me I was justified in what I said. Of course that doesn’t get me to where I want to be in my life.

The whole idea is to build the world inside that I want on the outside. I feel two days was a great start. Better than not going on the diet. Don’t worry I’m on my diet now. So send some prayers of encouragement my way. I’ll do the same for you. Thanks.

Back to my point.

For me the whole two days up to that point I was able to not only endure those people around me that used negative words and actions, but to stay in the place I wanted to be. I was the cat staying focused on the mouse.

One lapse in my focus and bamm the mouse took off.

I have forgiven myself. I deserve it.

If you have ever struggled with starting a new habit or ridding yourself of an old habit. Forgiveness is a loving action(remember last week) towards yourself. Which helps us move forward.

I am a new man with a new life.

I greet this day with love in my heart.

In scroll two in “The Greatest Salesman in the World” it says.

“And most of all I love myself. For when I do I zealously inspect all things which enter my body, MY MIND, my soul, and my heart.”

Close examination of what goes into my mind, what I think in my mind and what comes out my mouth makes a world of difference in my life and most importantly what my world will look like in my future.

Love yourself enough to eliminate all negativity.  Go on the diet.

There is no place for even one negative thought. Forgive all. Including yourself. Yes, especially yourself. Then move forward into a new world that has more potential blessings than you can ever count.

Go on a mental diet today. Start now. No time to wait. Your future will thank you.


Have a great day… unless you have other plans.

My plan is to have a wonderful day. Enlightening peoples live around me. Go do the same.


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Week Six: Are You Giving or Getting?

Week six has been finally a full week using the Scroll II from Og Mandino’s book “The Greatest Salesman in the World”.

On the first of this month I switched to reading it daily as prescribed in Scroll I. So I only had a few days last week to experience the new scroll.

Plus I was also just getting used to the” No Opinion” instruction. Harder than it sounds. Even if I don’t give it to someone else it still rang in my head.

This week I really have focused on sending out love to those around me. I have been drawn to the quote.

“… I will love all mankind. From this moment all hate is let from my veins for I have not time to hate, only time to love. From this moment I take the first step required to become a man among men.”

I have known for some time now that what I give is what I get. I have lived for 45 years and I know my time is short. True I have no time to hate…

It takes up too much time not to forgive and love. Hating consumes… Love invigorates those that it is shown to.

Plus when I get the opportunity to love another… the magic is I get what I put out there.

I’ve been a servant since 1998. What I’ve found is that I get way more than those I served. It is hard to explain to those unwilling to serve/love. I am grateful that got blessed finding this truth.

Haven’t we all heard “It is better to give than receive.”? Yet all giving and no receiving is not good either.

I have seen those that love to serve yet they don’t want to receive what others have to give.

I feel sad because they might see it as a weakness that someone sees they need something and is wanting to give what they need to them. For that rejects another person’s gifts or talents. Robbing them of the same joy of giving and receiving.

So, I hope you are able to be Giving And Getting type of person.

Giving and Getting seem to know how to balance out. Receive what you are getting with great gladness. Also give with all you have and see how it is returned to you. Many times its in ways not expected.

Just remember that you are not giving to get but if it it is allowed it is more enjoyable to give and get. Have a great day. Thanks for joining me on my journey. I’m giving you a blessing receive it with great joy!


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Week Five: Finally Back To Some Normalcy, Well Kinda.

Welcome Back

Hello everyone.

I’m finally back home after over two weeks of being literally on the road. As you remember my wife Sharron and I went on a 2000 mile road trip first to St. Louis. We went to a company convention for two days. Then just as it ended we drove another 6.5 hours to visit with friends and family.

It has been somewhat of a challenge to get everything coordinated to maintain my scholarship in the MKMMA. Being in a different time zone and having people I haven’t seen in a year and a half. Staying in different houses on different days and still getting up earlier than Sharron. Doing all my assignments then visiting. Going out to eat then doing my more on my MKMMA. Then finally going to bed… I mean reading aloud my nighttime routine. Then finally getting to bed… rinse and repeat.

I was able to show to myself and to Sharron my commitment to my new me and our new life that will come from it.

Oh and then there was the drive home.

Amazing how one turn helped me see that its all working out alright. I was just getting back on the road after talking with my mom. I turned on to the road to the right. Heading east… the gps for some reason it wanted me to turn around and go back to the place I had just left…

Remember CA is west of where we were.. lol 12 miles in the wrong direction.

Sharron pointed out that we caught it pretty quickly.

Hours later I was getting to the end of the day and it started to rain. Small drops at first.. then big drops..

Woh, Wait a minute those are huge snow flakes.

We were very near the border of Wyoming and Utah. Up in the Mountains. We pulled over at a truck stop filled up and rested for a few hours. To wait for the snow to settle down a bit. Then we heard it was all to the west of where we were. So it was safe to continue.

If we had continued on and not had the 24 min delay I believe we would have been driving down some very steep roads in the snow with very low visibility. Not a place to be in the dark with very large snow flakes that reflect the headlights right up into your vision.

We are back home.

Now I believe I will have some normalcy again.

Well not really. This week has really opened up my eyes to the potential of the MKMMA.

The Sit.

Week five during my morning time of sitting something amazing started to happen.

This week during the sit the assignment was to go to a happy place. And see everything about it. I just felt way different when I was able to do it.

When I was able to stay in the zone. Its probably the only way I can describe it. Like when an athlete is just doing what they practiced and they don’t even think they just “do”. The results for them and me are amazing.

How did we get to the happy place?

Week one we learned just to sit to still. Week two sit still and quiet the mind. Week three all the above and completely relax all the muscles. Week four all that plus let go of all hatred, anger, worry, jealousy, envy, sorrow, trouble or disappointment of any kind.

This practice has brought a new normalcy that I once had so many years ago that I almost forgot.

Getting back into my routine here at home is something that I have wanted since going on this journey. Yes that is the Business and MKMMA journey.

The New Norm

Going to my happy place each morning has brought a new normalcy that I am enjoying. It takes me to a place of success and invincibility that I felt only rarely. Now I get that feeling each and every morning.

Look out world here I come is the attitude I have. I can be what I will to be.

I am on the path that leads to success.

Are you?

Can you see success rising like the Sun each morning. You know it is coming soon and you are prepared to take ┬áthe day for it is you’res for the having!

Life is worth living and living well. Time to sit in a happy place. Take the time. It will pass anyway. Take control of your thoughts each morning and see how different your life will be.

Enjoy the journey.


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