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Week Four: Witnessing Week Four All Around Me

This week has been such an interesting time.

We have spent it back in our hometown. We left a year and a half ago for the warmer weather in CA. Where we were going and what we would be doing was unknown to us. But we headed out anyway.

Sharron and I settled in and starting living our lives as we had back in WI. Helping people and finding new and amazing friends. Always trying to stay in touch with those back in WI. Not always an easy task with a two-hour time change and life being lived in a new place.

We came back because our business held a meeting in St. Louis, MO. Only 6 1/2 hours from friends and family. I did mention that I have been doing my homework for this 26 week journey. Getting together with friends and family we have not seen in 1.5 years.

Almost everyone let us know “I’ve missed you two” “It’s not the same without you two here” “Are you going to stay?”

Plus at the same time those from CA are calling saying “We miss you” “It’s not the same without you two here” “You need to get back soon”

One life changing even happened tonight. Well I’ll call it the Week 4 Master Key awakening!

Tonight We got the chance to go to a dear friends cancer benefit at a local restaurant. It just so happens that we knew it was coming and the stars aligned for us to attend. It was from 4:30- 8:30pm.

We planned to attend at 6 pm. As we pulled into the parking lot the lot was full. I dropped Sharron off at the door and went to park the car.

I got to the door and Sharron was standing just inside the door. As there was a line all the way up to the door from the cashier.

It’s a pizza buffet and the place was packed to the gills!

The story is Linda(name changed) has been a teacher for many years. She also had a heart for children from Cambodia. Linda and her husband even adopted a small child many years ago, Tommy(name also changed), who is not 14. Linda felt compelled to teach over in Cambodia got a job over there and moved with her son. Their house wasn’t selling so her hubby stayed behind. They planned to be there for 4 years.

Well long story short…

Her marriage came to an end while she was over there. She came back, divorced, and hurting.

Just a short while back she hurt her hip. Didn’t think anything of it. It just would not get better. And one day she couldn’t even stand.

Long story short again…

It is cancer… Stage four… All over the place and no good news from the Dr.’s.

Then a week ago her speech went away. The checked her out and they found a tumor in her brain that was putting pressure on many nerves that affected her speech.

Last week they went in and removed the tumor. She was released days later. And best of all

This last Sunday her dad took her to the Packer game with her sister and her son.

And then tonight she had this benefit meal. Linda has always been a great giver.(week 4)

Tonight many came out to show her just how special and appreciated person she is.

I asked Linda’s sister how the crowd has been. She let me know that at 4:30 there was her family and a few helpers. They sat down to eat and as they were talking one of them looked up and a few people were trickling in.

About 15 min later.

Her niece said,”Look there is not an empty table in here!”

The place was packed. Wall to wall people! It remained that way for most of the night.

We stayed close to the end of the benefit because so many people we had not seen in years were there expressing how they felt about Linda.

If you are in doubt of if people are noticing you and your efforts. Let me tell you…


My wife and I have just been ourselves for years. In WI and in CA. People might not tell you this until you leave or plan to leave. Just know that the person you are has an effect on those around you. So…

Give like you’ve never given yourself before!  Smile at everyone! Be the light to those around you!

You have time to change your world in you. So that the world around you is changed. And last but definitely not least. Know that the good you do will change the world for a 1000 generations to come.

Just know by changing the world within you are changing the world!

Life is worth giving/living. Breathe life into all you come in contact with today. Especially your family. If your willing to die for them. Choose to live for them. Let them know today just how much you love them. They will be blessed to know how proud you are of them.

Thanks for following. I am stepping into a new world. Well not so new. I’m going back to the great “me” I’ve always been.

Smile, Someone loves you. Go do the same.



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Week Three: All In!

No More Fun, Well Maybe

Starting week three I have found that some of the fun has waned from when I first started.

Yah, surprise surprise when the newness wears off. Now the real work starts.

All the other endeavors that I started and believed this was the thing that I want to do. I’m going to make this work.  Pretty soon out of the corner of my eye was the next new sparkly thing. Off I would go with the same excitement…. rinse and repeat…

This time I’ve had the same gut check. When I Mark J. showed me that it was up to me to guard the gate of the thoughts that I would entertain and allow to pass.  I decided to challenge the thought of here I go again….

Mark J. brought up the fact that this is the week when the kids are separated from the adults. The kids decide to stay the same and the adults realized this is work. Work well worth doing for soon the road ahead would be worth the effort.

He challenged us to not just go through the motions but to be ALL IN! 100% doing all the exercises. With of all things ENTHUSIASM! Cuz, when the exercises become routine It is easy to blow them off or skip lines I’ve read over and over again. So to put energy and enthusiasm into what I’d been doing for three weeks made all the difference to change from what I would have done in the past to what I did this week.

Knowing I was the person deciding who I am going to be and what I will be doing was worth this simple change.

New Perspective

I was always asked “What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?”

Today that has changed to “What am I going to do because I know I will succeed!” Like I posted two weeks ago. I grew up with wanting to be great and doing great things in my life.

Well this is the time to put a smile on my face. Open my mouth and take the medicine that cures that which ales me. I am fully in and committed to do what is asked. Even though I am going on a business trip, my schedule will be different all the things that I have been doing will still need to be done.

Yes a journey while I’m on a journey of discovery. I can see the correlation between the two.

  1. I decided to go.
  2. I decided how we were getting there.(driving)
  3. I decided the route.
  4. Figured out when we needed to leave to get there ahead of time.
  5. Loaded the car.
  6. Time to go.

I’ll let you know how the trip goes.

Sharron and I are driving from NorCal to St. Louis for business. Spending two days at a convention. Then we will be driving 6 hours to visit family and friends in Wisconsin.

I let Sharron know before week one that I am committing to the MKMMA course and even though we will be out of town I will do that which is required of me.

So with that being said.

I am still getting used to creating the new habits that the Master Keys use to re- deprogram me. Knowing this is the path so  I’ll be able to create any habit that will fully benefit the life that I will be creating.

The funny thing is that just a month ago I was sharing with my friend Nancy.

I said,”Isn’t it amazing how easy it is to stop doing a good habit. The bad habit is easy to start and hard to stop. Wouldn’t it be great if I found a way to just as easily start a good habit and stop doing the bad habit. And wouldn’t it be even greater if it was almost impossible to pick up that bad habit again.”

Well I guess I put a request out there to get one of the MKMMA scholarships.

I hope your journey has those challenging spots in them that make you have to decide.

“Am I all In?”

“If I’m all in I better buy in and do what is required. 100%”

“Not just get by.”

“Do My Best”

I am All In! I hope you have decided that you are worth being “All In” also!

Let me know if you have had a challenge recently on your journey that you had to decide your future was worth being “ALL IN” for. Enjoy the journey.


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Week Two: I Am!

This has been an interesting week for me.

I have been getting into the routine of each day doing the little things and taking responsibility for how my life has been going. Challenging the voice inside. Confronting the feelings I had about how things are going.

My wonderful wife, Sharron, has said for some time that the language that I use can either be deflecting/generalizing or specific.

One small change in what I say can make the whole situation transition from bad to good.

I have been a generalizer for a long time. Not taking responsibility by using words that help me be a part of a group. “We all do it!” “Don’t we?”

What I’ve found is that by personalizing, what I say and what I do, makes a world of difference.

Here is an example.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.

People would read it to me. They would say,”Jesus died for the whole world.”

“So, woopdy doo.” Is all I would say.

I even read it for years and it meant nothing. Then one day I changed one word in three places(ok two words).  Instead of “the world” I put “me and I” in there. the whole passage now was transforming for me.

God gave his Son for me! He chose not to condemn me. So that I might be saved through Him.

Wow It hit home.

I believed what it said, took action and it made a difference that day.

As I found out this week my words matter to me and to those around me. I just decided to take charge and give blessings to those within earshot. I even texted a friend and told her I felt the need to let her know I blessed her mom earlier that morning.

I am the guardian to what I think, feel and that can/does have a great impact on the steps going forward.

Try this for the next couple of days. Find a place to sit motionless for 15 min. During that time “take captive each thought” The master Keys course says “inhibit all thought; this will give you control over all thoughts you care, worry and fear, and will enable you to entertain only the kind of thoughts you desire.”

I was surprised at just how many thoughts would come. When I would take care of one then the next would come.  Even though it seemed difficult I got 3 take aways.

  1.  I was a sleep at the gate. I was letting bad thoughts rule my mind. Well no more. I am awake and aware. Bad thoughts “None shall pass”
  2. Action is a must. Thought does change somethings. But thoughts followed by actions transforms.
  3. I am going to be active in making the life I want to live. Someone else was ruling the roost. Well Not anymore! Its my life time for me to direct my course of action.

Take a stand today. Let your thoughts know “I am in charge here and I am going to have a good day today. I’ve got lots to do and your going to help!”

Oh yes! Like I’ve said for years.

“Have a great day. Unless you have other plans!”

For me and my household we will have a GREAT DAY!

Come and join us in changing the “WORLD” oops “Me” I will do both. When I change me I change the world! How about you? You ready to change too?


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Week One – An End Or A Beginning?

Life is amazing. I’ve spent just over 45 years living life as I currently know it. Well maybe not the full 45 years thinking back on it.

I remember growing up and wanting to be amazing . Doing things like putting out fires as a firefighter. Landing on the moon as an astronaut. Rescuing the damsel in distress. All the awesome things I was going to do.

I’m not sure when all those dreams/visions of the life that I wanted to live came to an end. I’m not sure if it was sudden or just a gradual decline.

One thing for sure is I can remember being told to grow up. Grown ups don’t think like that… Grown ups don’t act like that. Don’t do this, don’t do that! No one told me I could be those things I desired. I know I did the next best thing.

I remember reading fantasy books and escaping away for what seemed like days. But, it was just the night turning to day.  Having to wake up and go to school the next day. I believed I couldn’t grow up and be a great as those characters in the book.

I think that is how days passed into weeks and weeks to months months to years and years to decades… Man time slows for no one. You ever feel like where did the time go to? How did I get here?

I think I lost my focus. Or was it that I didn’t have a focal point to point me in the right direction. They say when a student is ready the teacher will appear.

I know for many years I kept telling my wife… “Hang in there we are close to a break through.”

She would always respond the same way each time. “I’ve heard this all before.”

I would reply, “This time I’m sure just a few more…” you fill in the blank. I was sure I was close and something would always …. I’m not sure… Distract me, knock me off course.

I’ve had a feeling for a while now that my search was coming to an end. You might ask what was I searching for?

I was searching for… ME and who He was meant to be.

Well, I am here to declare my search has come to an END this time for sure.

As you can see the title to this entry is Week One – An End Or A Beginning? You can follow me for 26 Weeks and beyond starting Right NOW! I am a part of a 26 week discovery journey. It is an end and a new beginning. So both are true.

I hope to find who I desired to be all those many years ago. Giving birth to life within to see it bloom without. This week I have planted seeds in my mind of what a different life I can have and I desire to help others do the same.

It starts with the commitment to complete do the simple tasks asked of me by those that have gone down the road I have desired to go down for quite some time. I won’t be going alone. Like I said before the teacher has emerged and the student is ready. Do you want to go too? Are you daring enough to follow? I know the journey is worth taking.

Let me know of a time when you knew it was time to just end a part of life that has taken you down a road for too long to places you didn’t intend to go. Because you forgot where you were going and why you wanted to go. This is a time to take back your thoughts and remember what the little boy/girl dreamed. Changing the world for generations to come.


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